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Medicine for the entertainment industry

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Your Team’s Rock Doc! 

Your Touring Health Team RN will go on tour with you to oversee the health and  wellness of the entire cast and crew of your production. We are on-site daily providing  our signature wellness service. Touring Health offers therapeutic treatments to boost  immunity and manage everyday symptoms of life such as headache, cold and flu-like  symptoms, fatigue, muscle aches, dehydration and stress.

Real-time Health Solutions on The Road

We provide real-time healthcare solutions to tours on the road with onsite and virtual care globally. Our team will triage your needs and customize a support plan that fits your vibe, budget, and wellness goals. Our services are tailored to support the specific needs of your Artists and safeguard the health of your entire tour family. Touring Health has been providing wellness excellence to the touring industry since 2021. Our services are scalable and customized for each client group.
MD Consults worldwide * IV Vitamin Therapy * B12 Shots * PCR Testing * Infection Mitigation Strategies * Emergency Medicine RNs on your tour team to provide ongoing care for the duration of your tour.

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