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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our team of providers span the US, UK, EU and beyond to provide virtual healthcare
to treat non-emergent ailments and injuries. If your health condition requires a higher level of
care than our team can provide, we always recommend higher level of care, inform you of how
time-sensitive your emergency may be, and help you map your way to a higher level of care
facility in your area.

No. Those medication are scheduled I an II, and therefore flagged by the DEA when  prescribed by someone who does not specialize in the field of psychiatric medicine and or pain  management. Our team will not prescribe these medications, however we will help connect you  with a provider that can.

Yes. Touring Health is like a virtual quick care ready to provide your with same day  treatment. If you would like to establish Primary Care with our Touring Health, you can choose  to become a Prestige Worldwide Member. Prestige Worldwide Membership subscribers enjoy  the benefits of the Touring Health team’s comprehensive, ongoing care, in collaboration with  specialist, your team of providers, or any medical facility/team of you choice.

The Touring Health app provides resources, gets people thinking about their health, AND provides same-day tele-health consults with our team to offer real-time healthcare solutions. If you require a higher level of care than our tele-health team can provide, we will advise you to do so and help you locate the best place to go.

To provide a great resource for touring professionals to seek help when they feel they need  it. To provide people with an affordable way to have primary care with our team by becoming a  Prestige Worldwide Member. Support health and wellness for our industry as they move about.

No. We are Emergency Medicine professionals who can triage and support mental health challenges however, do not provide Mental Health counseling or medications. We can triage your needs and help you find the right provider. Psychiatric medications should be managed and prescribed by a Psychiatrist who monitors the appropriate labs, symptoms,  lifestyle modifications, trigger management, symptom control, and side effects. We will help you find the right provider for you. For mental health Counseling, we provide resources to services that specialize in treating touring professionals.

Yes!! On or off the road, the Touring Health team is available to you.

No. Access to our services is reserved exclusively for touring professionals at this time.

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